8 x 20 pcs pack – Bambiboo COTTONWEAR disposable pants with organic cotton, size 5 Junior (12-17kg)

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Bambiboo - happy and healthy bottom

Better for the environment - how does our nappy stand out from the crowd?

Pieluchomajtki Bambiboo COTTONWEAR wzbogacone bawełną organiczną i materiałami pochodzenia roślinnego - odpowiednie dla wrażliwej skóry dziecka, mięciutkie i minimalizują ryzyko podrażnień.

Bambiboo COTTONWEAR pants enhanced with organic cotton and plant-based materials have been designed and manufactured in such a way as to minimize the negative impact of a disposable diaper on the environmentminimize the negative impact of a disposable diaper on the environment throughout its life cycle, while maintaining the highest quality and safety for the baby's skin.

Bambiboo COTTONWEAR - jednorazowe pieluchomajtki dzięki zastosowaniu technologii COTTONEO™ są oddychające i wyjątkowo chłonne

Our pants are breathable and quite thin thanks to the use of COTTONEO™ technology and carefully selected materials, incl. organic cotton and a plant-based anti-leak layer.

Bambiboo COTTONWEAR - jednorazowe pieluchomajtki dzięki zastosowaniu technologii COTTONEO™ są oddychające i wyjątkowo chłonne

The system of channels makes the COTTONWEAR pants thinner than a diaper with bamboo fibre, while maintaining the feeling of dryness also when the pants are wet. This technology will provide the baby with extra comfort for the skin! 3D frills on the legs help to keep the pants tight - it is necessary, however, to properly unfold them when putting them on.

Bambiboo COTTONWEAR - jednorazowe pieluchomajtki dzięki zastosowaniu technologii COTTONEO™ zapewniają natychmiastową absorbcję płynu i minimalizują ryzyko podrażnień

COTTONEO ™ technology (intelligent microchannels with a quick-drying layer) and the materials used ensure immediate absorption of fluid and optimal distribution of moisture so that the baby’s sensitive skin is as little exposed to irritation as possible.

Bambiboo COTTONWEAR - jednorazowe pieluchomajtkach z bawełną organiczną z praktycznym wskaźnikiem wilgotności, który wskazuje, kiedy należy zmienić pieluszkę

The stripe on the diaper is a moisture indicator. This convenient "gadget" allows you to quickly capture the moment when the pants are wet and require a quick change.

Bambiboo COTTONWEAR - jednorazowe pieluchomajtki z bawełną organiczną, nieperfumowane, bezchlorowe, bez szkodliwych substancji.

The pants are perfume-free. Cellulose contained in their absorbent core is completely chlorine-free (TCF, or Totally Chlorine-Free). In addition, they are free from over 100 harmful substances and certified Standard 100 by OEKO TEX. In short, they are EXCELLENT for the skin (and this is how they have been rated by the Dermatest Institute).

Opakowanie pieluszek Bambiboo COTTONWEAR nadaje się do recyklingu.

The packaging of Bambiboo COTTONWEAR pants is recyclable - should be disposed of in the bin meant for paper (blue).

Bambiboo COTTONWEAR - certyfikowane jednorazowe pieluchomajtki z bawełną organiczną wyróżniające się pod względem środowiskowym.

Bambiboo COTTONWEAR pants stand out within their product group in terms of environmental protection. To ensure that you can make an informed purchasing decision, our pants have been strictly assessed by recognized international certification organizations - EU Ecolabel and Blauer Engel.

Oszczędzanie z Bambiboo - w wielopaku taniej

Saving money with Bambiboo – spend less with multi-packs.

The EU Ecolabel established by the European Commission guarantees that pants have been designed and manufactured in such a way that their negative impact on the environment is minimized throughout the entire life cycle of the product - from raw material extraction, through production, packaging and transport, to disposal.

As a proof that our pants - in their product group - are less polluting for the environment while maintaining high standards in the field of human health protection, they have obtained the Blauer Engel certificate. The "Blue Angel" is the Ecolabel of the German Federal Government.

To confirm safety for the health of infants and children, the pants have been tested for more than 100 nasty substances (including, formaldehyde, phthalates, some heavy metals) and STANDARD 100 certified by a worldwide OEKO-TEX association.

Certified by the independent Dermatest Institute and rated as "EXCELLENT", which means that they perfectly ensure the highest quality and safety for baby's sensitive skin.

Pulp obtained in a renewable manner and certified by the international Forest Stewardship Council.

The Seal of Cotton and cotton enhanced™ are trademarks of Cotton Incorporated to inform the consumer that a product is enriched with cotton. Our pants contain organic cotton from sustainable agriculture.

Dermatologically tested.

Modern technology that provides the baby with a feeling of dry bottom and comfort for the skin. The pants have intelligent microchannels and a quick-drying layer. These solutions ensure immediate absorption of fluid and optimal distribution of moisture in the pants, so that the delicate skin of your baby is as little exposed to irritation as possible. Thanks to the use of microchannels, the pants are thinner and super comfortable. COTTONEO™ technology - baby's bottom remains dry!

Carefully considered design and composition developed to minimize the risk of allergic reaction.

STRETCHY SIDE CUFFS: Comfort is the basis and guarantee of good mood (including yours)! Our nappy adapts perfectly to your baby's body.

COTTONEO™ TECHNOLOGY: Our smart channels and fast-dry layer will make your baby’s bottom smooth and happy, and give you peace of mind.

The absorbent layer is a chlorine-free wood pulp with superabsorbent, and ultra-soft plant-based non-woven touching the skin.

3D FRILLS: Less frequent washing means more time for yourself. Roll out the frills carefully to additionally protect your baby's clothes from getting wet. (And for fans of eco solutions, we have something special - the leg cuffs are made of PP and bio-based PE)!

WETNESS INDICATOR: Just take a look at the colour of the strip and you know if it's time to change the nappy. Because the little one likes it when dry. And relaxing. And without irritations. And... You like it too ;)

HERE IS WHERE THE COTTON IS: On the outside of the pants, we have used a breathable non-woven fabric enriched with super soft cotton. Organic!

BAMBIBOO QUALITY: Your little one is safe. We are not afraid of the opinion of independent experts - we verify and certify, so that you can be certain.
Our pants are deliberately not printed. All you need is our Bambiboo and the convenient - especially with two (or three…) toddlers at home - size designation.

SOFT CUFF: A quiet night for your child is your recovery time. That's why we made sure that nothing gets out on the baby's back, especially during sleep.

The actual product packaging may differ slightly from the one on the photo.

Core Ingredients:

Only plant-based materials at skin.

Topsheet and leg cuffs made of PP nonwoven and biobased PE.
Absorbing core made of biobased Totally Chlorine Free cellulose and super absorbent (sodium polyacrylate).
Backsheet made of biobased PE and PP non-woven enhanced with 15% super soft organic cotton.

Made without perfume, latex, lotions, dioxins, parabens, phthalates.

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