Questions about Bambiboo disposable nappies

Bambiboo nappies have been designed with commitment and heart, taking care of children and the natural environment. Their special feature as nappies with bamboo fibre is the use of Protect Me System - a unique composition of materials, thanks to which the risk of irritation has been minimised. For several years, these nappies have been consistently highly rated by parents of babies with sensitive and problematic skin. For production, we use high-quality 100% bamboo viscose, both on the inside - next to the baby's skin - and on the outside part of the nappy. You can say that the nappies are covered with breathable "bamboo" on both sides. The production of our nappies from this line takes place in a certified, modern factory in China, and the materials come from i.a. Finland, Japan, China.

On the other hand, the bottom layer of Bambiboo Cottonwear nappies has been refined with super soft organic cotton. The outer and skin-contact fabric, as well as the cuffs at the legs, are made of PP and bio-based PE. We made sure that only materials of plant origin (from sugar cane) touch the baby's skin. This product is a unique treat for parents who want to minimise the negative impact of diapers on the environment. Their quality has been distinguished in ecological terms by international certification institutions (including the demanding "Blue Angel" - Blauer Engel and EU Ecolabel). Our nappies are produced using renewable energy in a state-of-the-art factory in the European Union. Cottonwear nappies are thinner than our flagship bamboo nappies thanks to the Cottoneo™ technology and special channels.

In response to parents' suggestions, in both lines of our nappies, we have introduced a navel cutout in sizes 1 and 2 and a size print on each diaper.

All our nappies contain only completely chlorine-free wood pulp (so-called TCF, or Totally Chlorine-Free) from responsibly managed forests and certified FSC Mix. They are also equipped with a convenient moisture indicator.

Plus… We love our nappies and are proud of them! We want every little bottom to be healthy and happy!
Here you can find information about sizes and types of our nappies along with tips on how to pick the size.
Yes. For the parents’ convenience, we have fitted both lines of our nappies with a moisture indicator, making it quick and convenient to check whether it is time to change the nappy. Yellow stripes on the nappy turn turquoise when the nappy is wet. For your baby's comfort, we recommend changing the nappy every 3-4 hours. In the case of our thicker bamboo fiber nappy, we use a triple line indicator, whereas in the case of the thinner one - Bambiboo Cottonwear, there is a single line on the nappy.
Our nappies are made of top-quality materials with sensitive baby's skin and our environment in mind. The key raw materials used to produce our nappies include bamboo viscose in case of nappies with bamboo fibre; and biobased PE made of sugarcane, PP non-woven that in the backsheet is enhanced with 15% super soft organic cotton in case of Bambiboo Cottonwear line. Both our nappy lines are made with biobased Totally Chlorine Free cellulose pulp and superabsorbent. They have been tested for over 100 harmful substances and are certified Standard 100 by OEKO TEX in class 1, which confirms that Bambiboo nappies meet the highest requirements and are safe for babies and children up to 3 years of age.
SAP (superabsorbent polymer) Absorbing core protects against nappy leaking and is made of Totally Chlorine Free cellulose pulp and SAP i.e. suberabsorbent (sodium polyacrylate). It has unique liquid absorption properties, so the disposable nappy may be quite thin and comfortable for the baby. Other materials used along with the design of our nappies, additionally prevent such problems.
Yes. Both lines of Bambiboo nappies are STANDARD 100 tested and certified by a worldwide OEKO-TEX association with the seat in Switzerland. More than 100 substances that adversely affect children’s health have been tested (including, formaldehyde, phthalates, pesticides, and substances that may cause allergies). In addition, our nappies with bamboo fibre have been extensively tested by the SGS - a global leader in testing and certification - in view of chemical substances defined in the REACH directive Annex XVII (More information). Our Bambiboo Cottonwear nappies have been examined for their impact on the skin by the independent Dermatest institute. Products awarded with the Dermatest sign are considered to be friendly to people with the skin hypersensitivity.
Bambiboo nappies are not tested on animals.
Our nappies with bamboo fibre are produced in China in a modern production facility with ISO 9001:2015 implemented in terms of quality management scope and FDA registered (Food and Drug Administration). The production process is additionally certified by the British Retail Consortium Global Standard. Our nappies with organic cotton are produced in an extremely innovative factory in the European Union, whose goal, apart from safety and high-quality, is sustainable and CO2-neutral production.
Bambiboo nappies are based on renewable raw materials to a degree that allows commercial production of compost. There is still no industrial or commercial nappy composting service in Poland. Used diapers should be disposed of in a mixed waste container (so-called residual waste). Do not throw them into your garden composter.
In Poland used Bambiboo disposable nappies, even though they belong to the “eco-friendly nappy” segment, should be disposed with mixed waste (so-called residual waste), namely in the black bin.

Packaging of nappies with bamboo fiber is made of LDPE film and is recyclable. It should be disposed of in waste bins meant for plastic, i.e. the yellow one.

Packaging of Bambiboo Cottonwear nappies should be disposed of waste bins meant for paper, i.e. the blue one.

Regulations regarding disposal of nappies may vary depending on your location - we recommend that you always check local policies.
Our packaging of nappies with bamboo fibre is made of LDPE and was awarded an eco-label "Made For Recycling". It should be disposed of in waste bins meant for plastic. We constantly seek alternative packaging materials for our products. We have decided to pack our latest product - Bambiboo Cottonwear nappies - in paper with partly plant based inner coating. This packaging is also recyclable and should be disposed of in the waste bins meant for paper. We keep our finger on the pulse to reach to technologies that will offer proper protection of our nappies against moisture, and at the same time minimize the negative impact on the environment. We run responsible waste management, and we encourage you to sort packaging waste.
Yes, our nappies and selected Bambiboo products are available in the Rossmann drug store chain we have been successfully cooperating with since 2017. You can also buy our products at Click here to discover more about our cooperation with Rossmann.
We want you to feel comfortable with us! This is why we underwent an audit AND obtained the Trusted Shops certificate, which is the symbol of safe online shopping and a guarantee of real, verified opinions. In terms of payments, we are served by one of the largest payment operators - Przelewy24, which is under the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and is a reliable provider of mobile payment services.

Carefully considered Bambiboo nappy design

Strong and effective
Velcro tapes

Soft back finish
for comfort

Flexible „wings”
for better fit

Materials of plant origin next to the skin, inner absorbent insert made of completely chlorine-free cellulose (TCF - Totally Chlorine Free) and SAP

3D frills for
better leak-tightness

Moisture indicator

Breathable backsheet

front tape

We are convinced of the high quality of our nappies. Bambiboo have been developed by Research & Development Department experts who are passionate about developing new ways to produce nature-friendly hygiene goods.

Our certificates

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

OEKO-TEX® 1st class certificate means that Bambiboo nappies and pants meet the highest standards and are safe for newborns and children under 3 years old. Products receiving this certification class have been thoroughly tested and are free from harmful substances in concentrations that adversely affect human health and the environment, like formaldehyde, phthalates, pesticides, chlorophenols, allergenic colourants, prohibited azo colourants, perfluorooctanesulfonic acids (PFOS), perfluorooctanoic acids and some heavy metals.

Standard 100 Certificate by OEKO-TEX provides consumers with reliable and independent information on the safety of textile products for human health. Products with this certificate contribute to effective consumer protection. More information

The Seal of Cotton and cotton enhanced™

Bambiboo Cottonwear diapers and diaper pants are enriched in the bottom layer with the highest quality organic cotton, which ensures extraordinary delicacy. The cotton enhanced trademark, which is visible on the packaging of these products, means that cotton is used for production. In the case of the Cottonwear line, it is organic cotton, i.e. it comes from sustainable crops. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers and with the use of genetically unmodified seeds. The Seal of Cotton and cotton enhanced ™ are marks of Cotton Incorporated. It is a non-profit organization that studies cotton from the point of view of every link in the supply chain and promotes cotton and cotton products.
More information

Blauer Engel

Blauer Engel, or the Blue Angel, has been the eco-label of the German Federal Government for over 40 years. It is an independent and credible label that sets strict standards for environmentally friendly products and services. The shopping guide is the blue (if printed in color) label on the products, i.e. the Blue Angel. The Blauer Engel label can be found on the packaging of our novelty - Bambiboo Cottonwear diapers and pant diapers. We are proud of it!

The Blue Angel guarantees that the product is less harmful to the environment and meets high standards of human health protection - while maintaining the same usability and quality as other products in a given product group. Thanks to this certification, the consumer can consciously choose a product that minimizes the negative impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. The demanding scientific evaluation criteria were developed by the German Environment Agency.

The motto of the eco-label is: “Gut für mich. Gut für die Umwelt.”, which means that certified products are “Good for me. Good for the environment.”. This is what the Bambiboo Cottonwear diaper line is about - unique in terms of being environmentally friendly.
More information

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)

The FSC label means that the pulp used in nappies and pants has been obtained responsibly. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international non-government organisation promoting environmentally-correct, socially beneficial and cost-efficient global forest management. More information

CTTC Product Certificate - Pure Bamboo Viscose Fiber

The quality and safety of the bamboo viscose used in our nappies and pants with bamboo fibre is certified by CTTC (China Textile Testing and Certification) in accordance with the requirements of standards CTTC/CE/GE-002 and FZ/T 52006-2006.

TÜV Austria „OK biobased”

Certified by one of the most stringent bodies worldwide which independently assess companies and their product renewability. Methodology in line with the ASTM D 6866 standard. Depending on the percentage of renewable raw materials (% bio-based), the product is certified as one-, two-, three- or four-star. After testing and approval by TÜV Austria, our nappies and pants with bamboo fibre are certified with two stars (we are approaching ***), and Bambiboo wet wipes are certified with a maximum of four stars.

Certification classes:
20%-40% biomass | * OK biobased
40%-60% biomass | ** OK biobased
60%-80% biomass | *** OK biobased
80%-100% biomass | **** OK biobased

TUV Austria ‘OK biobased’ certificate perfectly meets the need of independent, high-quality guarantee of raw material renewability. As a result of increased environmental awareness amongst clients, the market based on renewable raw materials grows.
More information


Dermatest is another independent institute that checks the safety of diapers, with which we have started cooperation in the implementation of the Cottonwear line. Its task is to assess the composition, materials, tolerability and safety of products that come into contact with the skin. After testing and approval by the institute, the products receive a certificate, and the rating scale is: good, very good or excellent. Bambiboo Cottonwear diapers and pant diapers are certified "Original Dermatest" and rated as "excellent", which means that they perfectly ensure the highest quality and safety for your baby's sensitive skin.
More information

EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is the European Ecolabel established by the European Commission. The purpose of this eco-label is to encourage manufacturers and service providers to design and market products and services that will be environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle.
The EU Ecolabel is a certification program on a voluntary basis. Being convinced of the exceptional environmental values of our new line of Bambiboo Cottonwear diapers and pant diapers, we have assessed our diapers.

The EU Ecolabel logo on the packaging of diapers and pant diapers from the latest Cottonwear line proves that they are environmentally friendly - their environmental effectiveness has been confirmed while maintaining high quality. The EU Ecolabel means that products have been designed in such a way that their negative impact on the environment is minimized throughout the entire life cycle - from raw material extraction, through production, packaging and transport, to disposal.
More information

Made for Recycling

Packaging bearing the Made for Recycling seal has good or very good recyclability. It is a science-based standard for analysing the recyclability of packaging that is recognised both in Germany and internationally. Packaging is assessed on the materials used, as well as the ease of material sorting and the type of disposal needed. Packaging that receives more than 18 of 20 possible points based on this assessment method is permitted to bear the Made for Recycling quality seal.
More information

Bambiboo -powstały z myślą o naszych dzieciach i planecie

Our values

Bambiboo - developed with our babies and planet in mind

We have developed our nappies with our babies and our planet, which is their home, in mind. We consistently seek renewable materials, improve our products and production processes. We strive to decrease environmental pollution and provide maximum protection for sensitive skin using, for example, eco-friendly components such as bamboo fibre and organic cotton.

Nappies with Bambiboo are  nappies with a heart

Bambiboo are “nappies with a heart”.

In 2024, we support the extraordinary Gajusz Foundation by providing our nappies for babies who are under the loving care of the hospice and the Tuli Luli preadoption center. We are also involved in tree planting campaigns - we closed 2023 with 1,009 trees!

Bambiboo are  nappies with a heart


Orders placed on business days until 8 p.m. are prepared for dispatch on the same day, while orders placed after 8 p.m. will be ready the following business day.
Shipments are made on business days, during the working hours of InPost courier company.
All shipments are packed reliably to secure the goods against damage and all transport-related risks.
If you find that the shipment packaging is damaged, please immediately notify the courier company responsible for the shipment.

Shipment costs in Poland

Total order shipment cost will be displayed when you add products to the basket and select the shipment form and payment method - you will see the exact payment amount in the summary.

Shipment method Prepayment
(online payment)
Cash on
shipment date
Courier company
Subscription purchases from 250 PLN - 0 PLN
Purchase from 300 PLN - 0 PLN
Purchase under 300 PLN - 15,99 PLN
17,99 PLN 1-2 business days
InPost parcel
pick-up stations
Purchase from 300 PLN - 0 PLN
Purchase under 300 PLN - 14,99 PLN
16,99 PLN 1-2 business days

Subscription orders over 250 PLN are sent free of charge.

Terms and Conditions "Free delivery with subscription”.

Orders without a subscription over 300 PLN are sent free of charge*.

Notice: *applies only to orders with the selected prepayment option in Poland.

Terms and Conditions "Free delivery without subscription”.

Shipment outside Poland:

For foreign shipments, please contact us via the contact form.


The Bambiboo online store offers the following payment methods:

Cash on delivery:

when collecting the shipment from the InPost courier (solely for orders within Poland).

Credit card or online payment:

on-line and credit card payment authorisations are processed by Przelewy24 - a professional online payment transaction system. Once the client has selected the payment method, he/she is directed to the service handling the transaction’s authorisation. In the absence of authorisation by the intermediate party (electronic Przelewy24 payment system), the order is not deemed as properly placed, which means that the order will not be fulfilled. If this is the case, please place a new order.

PayPo Payment:

Once the client has selected the payment method “Buy now, pay later”, he/she is directed to the PayPo service handling the transaction’s authorisation.

Important: Bambiboo online store does not accept traditional wire transfers, so the Client will not be informed about the account number for making such a wire transfer.

Exchanges and returns

The Client, as a Consumer who has concluded a Contract of Sale, may, within 14 days withdraw from such contract without giving any reason. The right to withdraw from the Contract of Sale is not vested in the Client being a Consumer in terms of contracts in which the Goods represent an item delivered in a sealed packaging, which, when opened, cannot be returned due to health protection or hygiene-wise reasons, provided that the packaging has been opened upon delivery. For more information on returns and sample forms to withdraw from the contract, please see §9 of the Store Rules.

All products available at the Bambiboo online store are brand-new and legal for sale on the Polish market. We ensure that goods are delivered free from physical and legal defects. If a product defect is found, you may file a claim via, for example, email to the following address: In the claim application, the Client should provide a description of the issue found. The Seller shall immediately, however, not later than within 14 days, investigate the complaint and respond to the Client. The Seller’s complaint-related response shall be sent to the email address provided by the Client or by way of a different method defined by the Client. For more information, please see §8 of the Store Rules.

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