Bambiboo wet wipes with cornflower extract 60 pcs

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Happy and healthy bottom
Unscented Bambiboo Wet Wipes - designed with care for the baby's delicate skin.
Bambiboo Wet Wipes with Cornflower Extract, 60 pcs.
Soothes irritation and supports the care of the baby's delicate skin, while vegetable glycerin moisturises it.
The wipes contain 99% water, effectively removing impurities from the skin.
Biodegradable plant-derived viscose - thanks to it, our wipes received the highest possible rating in the "Ok Biobased" certification!
Designed with the baby's sensitive skin in mind, they are soft and pleasant to the touch, reducing the risk of irritation.
The carefully selected nonwoven fabric is adequately moisturised and durable. The optimal size of the wipe, 15 x 20 cm, ensures ease of use.
Perfect for thorough and gentle cleaning of your baby's sensitive skin, indispensable during nappy changes.
Free from fragrant substances.
Especially practical for walks, while travelling, and at home.
Our wipes have received the highest rating in the TÜV Austria 'Ok Biobased' certification.
Easy Use
Ideally moistened wipes will easily cleanse your little one's skin, even when time is short and your child is itching to crawl away.
A walk, trip, or visiting the grandparents? Take the wipes with you! They'll come in handy during feeding, playtime, and when you need to change a nappy (at that time, a wipe might come in handy for you too )
Peace of Mind
You can rest assured - we select materials to be safe both for your little one and the environment. Our wipes are made of plant-derived, biodegradable cellulose nonwoven fabric.
We know that your little one has exceptionally sensitive skin. Our wipes are also exceptionally soft and gentle. Because your baby likes comfort and... you like it too.
Safe recipe
Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate
The wipes are dermatologically tested and perfume-free.
Did you know?
Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) flowers have been used in traditional natural medicine for centuries. The extract from these beautiful blue flowers is known for its versatile skincare properties and is eagerly used in contemporary cosmetics. You will find it in products designed for the care of dry and vascular skin, as well as in products for the care of the skin around the eyes and intimate areas.
We know this, but we want you to be sure.
Innovation and responsibility – that's what we focus on while looking for solutions that are safest for your baby's skin and the environment.
In the "Ok Biobased" certification, our wipes received four stars – the highest possible rating! TÜV Austria is an exceptionally demanding and reliable certifying institution, which assesses the renewability and biobased origin of products.

Parents of infants and toddlers appreciate wet wipes for their versatility, comfort-of-use and ease of transport. They are convenient to use in the daily skincare routine – most parents use them to gently clean and refresh the skin after a nappy change. They're also perfect on the go – for example, to clean the baby’s face or hands after a meal or for refreshment on hot days. Bambiboo wet wipes for babies were designed with their sensitive skin in mind. These wipes use soft biodegradable non-woven fabric which does not irritate the skin and is soft and pleasant to the touch. Cornflower extract supports the care of the sensitive baby skin. Importantly, our wipes are fragrance free. They are also a more environmentally friendly choice – they have been given the highest rating in the “OK Biobased” certification process, which confirms their renewability. It may be important for parents who want to live in harmony with nature. Our wet wipes take perfect care of children’s skin, regardless of their age.

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We are proud of the application test results of our wet wipes*:

ZERO % of adverse reactions - redness, burning, swelling, tingling, itching and dry skin

100% found the wipes to be gentle on the skin

100% found the wipes as soft and delicate

100% found the wipes as moisturizing

93% found the wipes to soothe and diminish irritations

87% found the wipes to calm down redness

100% found the wipes to gently and effectively cleanse the skin

100% found the wipes to feel fresh after use

100% positively evaluated the smell, appearance, absorption, performance and texture of the product

87% rated the product as better compared to products of similar purpose used so far

100% would buy the product in the future

100% would recommend the product to friends

* Application tests under the supervision of a dermatologist conducted for 28 days of regular application at least twice a day by a group of 15 people with sensitive skin.

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