Bambiboo - Mamy dla Ciebie 15% rabatu, darmową dostawę, a dodatkowo więcej wolnego czasu

We know what it's like.

You just noticed that the nappies are running out. You grab your phone to place an order. It should be quick and easy, but just when you're about to make the payment, your bundle of joy wakes up with a loud cry. You drop everything and rush to the rescue...
2 days and no Bambiboo nappies in the drawer later 😨, you panic and text your husband - "don't forget to stop by the store for nappies." He didn't forget, it's just that... the store is already closed, or there's a long line, or they're out of the right size, or it's Sunday, or... he actually forgot (though he won't admit it).

Bambiboo - mama z dzieckiem

What if we gave you more free time and you never had to worry about having enough nappies again?

Order nappies on a subscription and receive:

  1. Your favorite nappies 15% cheaper
  2. Free delivery for orders over PLN 250
  3. A supply of nappies delivered to your door every 21, 30 or 42 days
  4. Flexibility - you can change or pause your subscription at any time
  5. Possibility to exchange or return unopened packages of nappies
  6. Extra premium service - we are available for you from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
    +48 577 983 939

How does it work?

Bambiboo abonament - Jak to działa? - 1.
Bambiboo abonament - 1. Zamów

Choose your favorite nappies.
If you don't know how many nappies you need, use our nappy calculator

Bambiboo abonament - Jak to działa? - 2.
Bambiboo abonament - 2. Częstotliwość

Set the delivery frequency
and provide secure recurring payment details. Change or cancel at any time.

Bambiboo abonament - Jak to działa? - 3.
Bambiboo abonament - 3. Zapomnij o pamiętaniu

Forget about remembering.
Enjoy your free time, a consistent 15% discount, and free delivery*.

Bambiboo abonament - Jak to działa? - 4.
Bambiboo abonament - 4. Gotowe

That's it!
We'll send you nappies regularly, leaving you more free time for cuddles.

* free delivery for orders over PLN 250

Worried about commitment?

Bambiboo - pieluszki bambusowe

You can edit your order at any time - change the size, quantity, or frequency of receiving nappies.

Bambiboo - wakacje

Going on holiday? Don't worry, you can change the delivery address for your parcel. Remember, we only ship subscription nappies within Poland.

Bambiboo - szczęśliwy maluch

Is your child using the potty now? Congratulations! You can cancel your subscription with one click.

Why is subscription worthwhile?

Bambiboo Subscription One-time purchase
Constant discounts on products 15% cheaper
Free shipping From 250 PLN From 300 PLN
Free time 😊 more it varies
Peace of mind and "forgetfulness" priceless
Savings ~765 PLN / year*
* Based on the purchase of 8 packages of disposable nappies or nappy pants every 21 days.


You place an order once and it renews automatically every 21, 30 or 42 days.
You'll receive your first shipment right after placing your order, and the following ones in the cycle you choose (21, 30 or 42 days).
We'll remind you of the upcoming payment date for nappies 5 days before it's due. On the day of shipment, your credit/debit card account will be charged automatically according to your instructions. Everything is simple, fast, and secure.
It's a bit like Netflix, but instead of access to your favorite movies, you get your favorite nappies from us.
You can edit your Subscription - cancel the next shipment, change its content, postpone the date, or edit the address.
Convenient, right?
It's straightforward. Visit our website and start the purchase process. Select the appropriate product and mark the option "ordering on subscription", then indicate the frequency of receiving shipments (every 21, 30 or 42 days). In the next step, the certified Przelewy24 payment system will require your credit/debit card number and consent to charge it for the first order, and then cyclically for subsequent ones until you unsubscribe. To make a subscription purchase, you must have an account in our store. That's the only condition.
First and foremost, it's a convenient solution that gives you more time and peace of mind, knowing you won't run out of nappies. We'll take care of getting the nappies to you on time! In the meantime, take care of yourself - use a face mask, read a book, or simply... take a nap. Additionally, as a subscriber, you have access to lower prices and free shipping for purchases over PLN 250.
Of course, there are unforeseen situations, but drawing on many years of experience (ours and that of mothers worldwide), we have developed a calculator that will help you determine how many nappies you should order for 21 or 42 days.
In short - we recommend ordering eight packs of any nappies or nappy pants in a 21-day cycle or 16 packs in a 42-day cycle.
Don't worry - we will gladly accept returns of unused nappies, provided that the nappy packaging has not been opened.
You can also postpone the next shipment and comfortably use the excess ones.
Nothing could be simpler! You can mix and match the contents of your subscription and add nappies and nappy pants in any size to your basket.
Holidays are for relaxing and not worrying about nappies 😉. You can change the delivery address, delivery date, or simply pause your subscription. Remember that within the subscription, we deliver nappies only within Poland.
Of course! 5 days before the shipping date, you will receive an email reminder from us - we want you to be sure that there are sufficient funds in your account to pay for the next subscription period or that you can pause it. If the payment collection fails, the subscription will be automatically suspended.
Contact us ( - we will send you a direct link to pay for your order.
Certainly - log into your account at In the "My Subscriptions" section, find the order you want to edit and change the date or address of the next shipment. Subscription orders are only shipped within Poland.
Absolutely - it's very simple. Log into your account at, then in the "My Subscriptions" section, choose the order you want to edit. Add new products or remove those you no longer want to receive.
It's very simple - go to your account and find the order you want to cancel in the "My Subscriptions" section. Click cancel and you're done! Just remember that you can cancel your subscription no later than one day before the planned date of the next payment.
You can pay for your subscription with a payment card. You provide the card details during the first order. Don't worry about security - your data is encrypted and no one has access to it. We use the Przelewy24 payment system, which guarantees the complete safety of transactions and sensitive data.
See the certificate.
By using automatic subscription payment, you only provide your details once during the first order. Each subsequent transfer is made automatically. The card or account will be charged on the date you set (after a prior reminder that such an operation will take place) and is entirely secure.
Don't worry. The payment system, Przelewy24, has the highest level of certification in the payment industry. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) certificate, developed jointly by VISA and MasterCard, is responsible for the security of your data.
Discount codes do not combine with your subscription. However, you can be sure that the price of nappies purchased through a subscription on will be the lowest. Also, remember the other benefits: free delivery, peace of mind, and free time.

Subscription - Your way to save

Cost of nappies or nappy pants for 21 days*
in subscription outside subscription you save
258,88 PLN 303,92 PLN 45,04 PLN
Cost of nappies or nappy pants for a year
in subscription outside subscription you save
4400,96 PLN 5166,64 PLN 765,68 PLN

* The calculation does not apply to size 1 nappies or mixed products. This is based on the purchase of eight packs of disposable nappies or nappy pants every 21 days.

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