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Disposable nappies are one of the basic hygiene articles for newborns, infants and slightly older babies who are not yet familiar with the potty. Bambiboo offers disposable nappies with bamboo non-woven fabric added, which is baby skin friendly. Pulpwood used for Bambiboo nappy production is not bleached with chlorine and the nappies are non-perfumed. This is why the irritation risk, even in case of sensitives toddlers, is reduced to a considerable extent. Each disposable nappy featuring bamboo offers an excellent fit and breathability, along with a moisture indicator. This offers the best support for parents concerned about their babies’ health and well-being. While choosing disposable nappies for your baby, it is essential to choose a size that fits your baby's current weight. Moreover, nappies with Bambiboo bamboo fibre present also an eco-friendlier everyday choice – they are largely manufactured from renewable raw materials and therefore may be composted commercially. More eco-friendly diapering is also possible with the use of reusable nappies, which are also available in the Bambiboo offer.

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