Bambiboo disposable pads with bamboo fibre for babies 6 pcs - 60x60cm

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Babies who still use nappies need to be changed quite often - usually several times a day. Toddlers in dirty diapers usually do not last long, loudly demanding a change. They are also not interested in the fact that they are away from home, where there are no proper conditions. However, changing should take place in the most hygienic conditions, which is difficult to achieve outside. That’s where the 60x60 cm Bambiboo disposable underlays made of delicate and soft bamboo fiber really shine . It is a product suitable for sensitive skin - it does not cause irritation or allergic reactions. Similarly, the cellulose insert is completely safe to use and at the same time very absorbent. Furthermore, the underlays are not perfumed at all to be as natural as possible. That is why they are made only from organic raw materials that biodegrade faster than the standard - plastic - equivalents. Importantly, the Bambiboo underlays are also very light and take up little space when folded. For this reason, they are perfect for changing away from home, whether on a nearby walk or a long trip. They allow you to change diapers in clean and safe conditions, regardless of where you do it. Disposable Bambiboo underlays with dimensions of 60x60 cm will successfully fit under any toddler’s bottom requiring a change, even a few-year-old. They can also be useful at night as a protection layer for the mattress, when children are just learning how to use the potty. In addition, the underlays can be used at home as a changing table when there is no room for the classic one, or when it is not needed on a daily basis.

Bambiboo - happy and healthy bottom

Naturally for your toddler – how does our pads stand out from the crowd?

Jednorazowe podkłady Bambiboo z włóknem bambusowym są mięciutkie i delikatne dla wrażliwej skóry dziecka.

Bambiboo disposable pads with bamboo fibre are soft and delicate for sensitive baby skin.

Jednorazowe wkładki (bibułki, papierki) Bambiboo z włókniny bambusowej do pieluszek wielorazowych - rolka 100 szt, 18x30 cm są miłe w dotyku w trosce o delikatną skórę dziecka.

The pads are nice to the touch and perfect for delicate baby skin.

Niezwykle przydatne podczas spacerów, w podróży i w domu do przewijania i pielęgnacji niemowląt.

They come in handy on a walk, on the go and at home, whenever you want to change a nappy and take care of your baby.

Bambiboo pieluszki jednorazowe z włóknem bambusowym dla dzieci - nieperfumowane, użyta pulpa niebielona chlorem.


Podkłady składają się z trzech warstw: wiskozy bambusowej idealnej dla delikatnej skóry maluszka, pulpy celulozowej skutecznie wchłaniającej wilgoć i warstwy izolacyjnej z folii na bazie surowców odnawialnych.

The pads have three layers: bamboo viscose perfect for sensitive baby skin, cellulose pulp which effectively absorbs moisture and an insulation layer made of film based on renewable raw materials.

Podkłady Bambiboo to produkt wykonany z biodegradowalnych surowców.

Bambiboo pads are a product made of biodegradable raw materials.

Dermatologically tested.

When you use the pads to change the baby, do not leave the baby unsupervised.

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We are proud of the results of the applied research of our change mats*:

ZERO % of adverse reactions - skin irritation, redness and skin itching

100% rated the underpads as suitable for sensitive skin

100% rated the underpads as delicate, pleasant to the touch and soft

97% found the underpads useful for changing and baby care at home

100% found the underpads useful for changing and baby care while walking and travelling

100% rated the product as light and 97% thought it took up little space

90% rated the moisture absorption capacity of the underpads as high

97% thought the underpads protected against soiling

100% would recommend the underpads to their loved ones

*Applied research under the supervision of a dermatologist carried out on a 30-person group of volunteers with sensitive skin at home for 2 weeks. The assessment was made by the carers of children.

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